Knife Care

Blade Care

All of our knives are made from carbon steel.  This steel is NOT stainless.  It forgoes the chromium content of stainless in favor of improved performance and ease of sharpening.

If you HAND WASH and HAND DRY the blade after each session at the cutting board, it will last you a lifetime, and develop a beautiful dark grey finish or "Patina".  This is an oxidation of the steel that forms a protective, food-safe layer.

If you put this knife in the dishwasher, leave it wet in the sink, or leave it out to air dry, it WILL rust.  The red/orange ugly kind.  

If this happens, all is not lost.  You can simply buff it out with an SOS pad or scotchbrite, but over time this will damage the blade, so proper knife care is a must.

- Hand wash

- Hand dry immediately

- Do not store loose in drawers with other cutlery

- Occasionally oil the handle and blade with some food oil. 
* Olive, vegetable, or even better, some "cutting board oil" from your local hardware or kitchen store.

Edge Maintenance

While carbon blades hold their edge better than stainless in most cases, their other advantage is the ease of sharpening.  

You certainly can use your knife for months without ever sharpening it, and it will perform admirably.  That being said, why buy a precision tool if you aren't going to take advantage of it's strengths.

A few swipes with a honing rod/steel every few weeks will go a long way, and once the edge has really seen some punishment, a proper sharpening with a whetstone.

We recommend a high grit stone like 3000-8000 for edge maintenance.  These can be bought from amazon for about $30 dollars, or directly from us.  We also offer free sharpening lessons with every knife purchase, and free sharpening if you drop the blade off at the shop.

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